Gratis kursus i datajournalistik

Hollandske European Journalism Centre har annonceret, at de i foråret afholder et gratis online-kursus i datajournalistik foråret 2014:

Doing Journalism with Data: First Steps, Skills and Tools.
A free online data journalism course with 5 leading experts

Kurset er opdelt i 5 moduler, der beskrives således:

  1. Data journalism in the newsroom
    This module is an introduction to data journalism. It shows what data journalism is, how it works on a busy news desk and what skills you need to know to practise it.
  2. Finding data to support stories
    This module deals with the range of skills that journalists use to obtain data. This includes setting up alerts to regular sources of information, simple search engine techniques that can save hours of time and using laws in your own and other countries.
  3. Understanding your data I: Finding story ideas with data analysis
    This module focuses on using spreadsheets and basic statistics to find patterns in data that will reveal story ideas and add evidence to the resulting stories.
  4. Understanding your data II: Dealing with messy data
    This module addresses messy data – data that needs to be organised before it can be used. It covers the so-called ‘cleaning’ process, at the end of which the dataset can be analysed using techniques from Module 3.
  5. Telling stories with visualisation
    This module deals with how to transform data into stories, infographics and interactive visualizations: the best practices and the principles of graphic design that a journalist needs to know.


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