In tune with the technological and ethical challenges of our time, the content of the website is licensed under the W&R Gentleman Public License (GPL).


Version 3.2, Nov 17th 2015
This license is and has always been published under itself, as in version X published under version X.


We acknowledge the challenges concening a creative project in these times.
Several copyright models are complicated to enforce, and often they end up putting a burden on the user rather than discouraging the evildoers who take credit for the works. The nature of the internet makes it nearly impossible – and certainly costly in resources – to ensure that the materials of a creative project are not being used elsewhere. And there may be cases, where you would approve of an interested party using the materials.
In short, the only rational approach will be to appeal to human decency. This brings us to this, the Gentleman Public License.


The W&R GPL allows you to read, copy, distribute, modify, comment on, make a profit or loss from and include in whichever media you choose in original or modified form the material covered.
The original author/authors (in the following referred to as the author) takes no responsibility for your results, but asks that you refer to the author as such when you use the material.

If you do not, you allow, and indeed encourage, the original author – or, if the work is derived through a process of derivatives, all authors involved – to perceive and denounce you as an indecent person and not a gentleman.

In the event you have reached such a status, giving feedback, adding to and expanding the work and expressing your appreciation to the original authorship, your efforts to redeem yourself should be taken into consideration by these, and you will in time be able to reestablish your status as a human being and, with continued effort, perhaps even the status of a gentleman, a decent person and/or a good sport.

As this is obviously a question of personal judgment and decency, this license is not an attempt to quantify the desired behavior of the author or the user, as it is the firm belief of the authors of this document that a person does not need a picture of a moral compass to know where it points.

Version 3.2 of this GPL is the 5th version.